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Healthy snacking options when you are on the go

A busy lifestyle can often lead to bad eating habits. Between juggling work and family responsibilities, you probably spend a lot of time on the go. When there is no time to eat, it doesn’t mean you can’t snack smart. Consider these healthy snack options when you are on the road, at the office or on the move. They are portable, healthy and delicious.


Instead of potato chips, keep a jar or single-serving packages of almonds in your office. Almonds are high in fat, however it’s the good kind of fat. In fact, moderate levels of monounsaturated fat has been shown to reduce the chances of developing heart disease.

Granola bars

If you are on the move, granola bars are a great option. You can put a couple of them in your purse or backpack for when you need a burst of energy. Many types of granola bars are quality sources for complex carbohydrates and fiber.

Mini boxes of raisins

Raisins are tasty snacks that are rich in antioxidants in addition to potassium, iron, selenium, vitamin A and vitamin B. For those with a sweet tooth, raisins are a fantastic substitute for candy.

WeightWatchers English Toffee Squares

Weight Watchers has created one of the most perfect snacks on the market. Their English Toffee Squares taste great and also contain fiber, vitamin A, calcium and iron, while containing no trans fat.

Carrot and celery sticks

Whether you are headed to the park with the kids or spending the weekend working, you should always have a stash of healthy snacks with you. Put carrot and celery sticks into a zipper plastic bag and tuck it into your purse for healthy snacking on the go.

Single-serving tomato juice

Tomato juice and V-8 come in convenient single-serving cans. These juices are high in vitamins and nutrition, while relatively low in calories. Drinking an 8-oz can of juice can fill you up until your next meal.

Graham crackers

Yummy graham crackers aren’t just for the kids. They will satisfy your craving for sweets without all the calories. For the healthiest choice, look for the graham crackers made with whole grains.

Canned fruit

Tuck a few single-serving cans (the ones with pull tab top) into your desk drawer or backpack. Make sure to look for the fruit packed in its own juices, rather than those with heavy syrup.

String cheese

String cheese is a healthy and fun snack that many children (and adults!) love. It’s rich in calcium and many brands on the market offer low fat or even fat-free choices.

Dried fruit

It’s usually impractical to carry around fresh fruit, however dried fruit is a great alternative. Almost all of the healthy nutrients are preserved during the drying process, which means a lot of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and complex carbs.

Whole-wheat crackers

If you crave for the crunchy taste of chips, substitute whole-wheat crackers instead. You can get these crackers in single-serving packs, or buy a big box and separate them into plastic baggies yourself.

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