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Leftover Easter candy recipes

If the Easter bunny left a massive amount of candy in your kids’ baskets and they are already sick of it, then recreate leftover Easter candy into cakes, cookies and other sweet treats. Making a variety of desserts will not only make the best use of your leftover Easter candy, it will also keep your kids from eating candy all day long and, bonus, you get to enjoy their candy, too! Here are some tips, tricks and recipes to reinvent leftover Easter candy.

Leftover Easter Candy

How to reinvent leftover Easter candy

Though simply peeling the wrapper off an Easter candy is the easiest way to enjoy it, it isn’t necessarily the most delicious way. Here’s a few other things you can do with your Easter candy bounty.

Melt leftover Easter candy

One of the best ways to use leftover Easter candy is to melt it down – especially since many candies are chocolate-based. You can drizzle melted candy over ice cream, fruit (think chocolate covered strawberries), or a cake, or even better, use it as a fun fondue. Solid or hollow chocolate bunnies and eggs work best, but peanut butter chocolate bunnies and eggs, or even those luscious crème-filled eggs work great and add a fabulous flavor.

Use leftover Easter candy as decoration

Use leftover Easter candy to decorate cakes instead of icing. M&Ms or pastel-hued candy-coated almonds add color when sprinkled over desserts, and that one large Easter egg or bunny can be the centerpiece decoration for a frosted cake. Small candies can be used whole while larger ones can be chopped up.

Add leftover Easter candy to mixes

Chopping up extra Easter candy and adding it to pancake, waffle or muffin mix can create a special kid-friendly breakfast, and adding it to cake or brownie batters or cookie dough also makes a unique array of sweet treats. M&Ms, chocolate eggs, and even jellybeans are perfect to add to all sort of batters. And did you know that Peeps and jelly beans also make great Rice Krispies treats?

Make leftover Easter candy into s’mores

Peeps work great in s’mores because they are very similar to marshmallows. You can use leftover chocolate eggs or bunnies as the chocolate part of the s’more and the peeps as the marshmallow part.

Turn leftover Easter candy into a trifle

To make a candy trifle, just layer your favorite Easter candy with leftover cake, whipped cream or yogurt, and cookie crumbs. Jellybeans, Peeps, M&Ms, mini-eggs, candy-coated almonds, or chopped up larger pieces of candy are pretty and delicious when layered in a clear glass. Be warned: A post-Easter trifle can be super sweet.

Add leftover Easter candy to trail mix

Talk about a trail mix treat! Toss leftover Easter candy into your favorite trail mix and you’ll have a sweet on-the-go snack.

Make cocktails with leftover Easter candy

Jellybeans are pretty decor in cocktails when dropped to the bottom of the glass. Just make sure to match the flavor of the jellybean with the flavor of your martini or other adult libation.

Freeze leftover Easter candy

Of course you can always freeze leftover Easter candy for when you need a little sweet treat. Just be sure to keep it out of reach from your kids so they won’t sneak it when you’re not looking!

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