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How to make your own sushi

Everyone loves sushi, but where’s the love for making it? Maybe it’s the artistry or perhaps the raw fish, but the mere suggestion of making sushi at home is enough to strike fear into the heart of even the bravest cook. Still, imagine the look on your friends’ or family’s faces when you tell them you made the platter of delicious sushi they’re eating! Here is a simple sushi-making technique – master it and you can then start rolling your own sushi creations.

Learn how to make sushi at home! This sushi expert will teach you how to make one of the most quintessential sushi rolls, the California Roll.


Sushi making is simple – but takes practice

It’s time to shatter the sushi mythos with nothing but a little know-how and some practice. Start by making something simple – something that just about everyone loves: a Philadelphia Roll. With smoked salmon and cream cheese, it’s perfect for sushi-phobes because it’s both cooked and delicious!

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