10 Luscious last-minute Valentines Day gifts

The most delicious way to woo your Valentine is with luscious gifts that pique the senses and please the palate. Valentines Day is right around the corner and if you are still searching for the perfect way to show your Valentine your love, consider the following 10 luscious last-minute Valentines Day gifts. Buy one as a tasty token or buy them all and present them lavishly in a Valentines Day gift basket.

Dessert Alert: You Batter Believe Its Love cookies

Seriously the most delicious melding of chocolate and oatmeal, these cookies will immediately weaken the knees of your mate. Dessert Alert’s founder and dessert expert extraordinaire Jill Jackson layers scrumptious fudge filling between two mouthwateringly moist oatmeal cookies then drizzles them with rich Belgian dark chocolate before a final dusting with confectioners’ sugar. Delivered right to your doorstep, Dessert Alert is a web-based, gourmet line of sophisticated desserts. The You Batter Believe It’s Love cookies and other desserts are available at DessertAlert.com.

Price: $42 for 1 dozen or $70 for 2 dozen

You Batter Believe Its Love cookies

Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate

If the love of your life is a lover of rich, intense chocolate, particularly organic chocolate, Green & Blacks mouthwatering array of chocolate bars is an ideal Valentines Day gift. Paired with wine, you won’t even have to worry about dinner reservations – you can simply cuddle up in front of the fireplace, sipping and nibbling while staring hungrily into each other’s eyes. There are 13 delectable bars to choose from, including Hazelnut & Currant, Espresso, Ginger, Maya Gold, Cherry and Dark. Try Green & Black’s Milk Chocolate with Cabernet Sauvignon or the Ginger Chocolate Bar with Chardonnay. These luscious bars are available at all major retailers. Visit GreenAndBlacks.com for more information and additional chocolate and wine pairings.
Price: $3.49 for 3.5 ounce bar or $1.59 for 1.2 ounce bar  

Green and Black Chocolate Bars

TCHO chocolate

Considered to be “obsessively good chocolate for a new generation,” TCHO chocolate is what happens when high-tech chocolate company meets high-tech research lab and utilizes a unique flavor wheel to design a superlative array of chocolates with delectably distinct flavors. The company’s Chocolatey, Nutty, Fruity, and Citrus chocolates will please your partner’s palate, no matter what kind of chocolate mood he or she is in. Packaged in delicious deep colors with hi-tech gold filigree, TCHO chocolate is the perfect gift for the foodie who likes to think about why some foods taste so to-die-for. For more information on the TCHO Flavor Wheel and to order TCHO chocolates, go to TCHO.com. You can also visit the TCHO factory store at Pier 17 in San Francisco, California.
Price: $8 for the mini collection of all flavors

TCHO Chocolate

Spanish Brandy: Gran Duque de Alba

For a smooth, dessert-worthy drink, give your love a bottle of the world’s leading Solera Gran Reserva Spanish brandy, Gran Duque de Alba. Produced by Williams & Humbert, the largest winery in Europe, located in Spain’s Jerez de la Frontera, gold-medal winner Gran Duque exudes undertones of roasted nuts, warm caramel and dark fruit tinged with brown spice. Serve it as a seductive dessert or pair it with dulce de leche ice cream, carrot cake or sweet and spicy roasted nuts. Visit your local liquor retail store or go to KindredSpiritsUSA.com for more information.
Price: $49.99 for 750 ml bottle

Gran Duque de Alba

Godiva Crème Brulee

Scintillate your sweetheart with an aphrodisiac combination of expertly roasted coffee, heady vanilla and rich chocolate. Senseo Coffee and Godiva recently partnered to launch two new decadent flavors of coffee, Godiva Crème Brulee and Godiva Chocolate Crème, that can be whipped up with a touch of a button and, best yet, are a mere 5 calories per cup. Instead of dropping a bill on a large box of perishable long-stemmed roses, surprise your mate with a Senseo coffee maker and sinfully-tasting Godiva coffee. Senseo machines and coffee are available at fine major retailers as well as Target and Wal-Mart.
Price: Senseo coffee machines range from $69.99 to $139.99; Godiva coffee pods are $19.99 for a 3-pack (16 pods per pack) 

Godiva Crème Brulee


If you are looking for a piquing way to make conversation with your date while savoring your Valentines Day meal, consider the “Gourmet” or “Wine” editions of TableTopics. TableTopics is a cube filled with over a hundred food and wine themed conversation starters that go well with a pairing of wine and cheese, a four-course meal or fondue. From questions about your favorite comfort foods, the best barbecue and nouvelle cuisine, or most coveted wine, you can keep your mate entertained while also getting to know each other’s deepest, darkest food and wine secrets. Visit TableTopics.com for online ordering.
Price: $25 for Gourmet TableTopics; $9 for Wine Topics To Go


Diana Martin Desserts

Does the love of your life live for decadent gourmet cookies or uniquely flavored biscotti? Gift guru and style expert Diana Martin recently partnered with renowned professional chef, Adam Navidi to offer freshly baked cookies made from organic ingredients and packaged in gorgeous boxes that can be used again and again. Think organic fig and blood orange biscotti (excellent with coffee or cheese), spicy ginger cookies, Meyer lemon madelines, and special chocolate chip cookies. These cookies will satisfy a sweet tooth as well as stir up fond childhood memories of fragrant, warm homebaked cookies like mom made. Cookies are available for order at DianaMartinGifts.com.
Price: $20 for the small paisley box of biscotti or $50 for the brown sampler box with four different types of cookies.

Diana Martin Gift


Erin Baker’s Organic Brownie Bites

Instead of giving the usual roses and chocolates, woo your date with roses and chocolatey-rich brownie bites made from organic, all-natural ingredients. Erin Baker’s Organic Brownie Bites are a healthy indulgence that contain no harmful trans fats, high-fructose corn syrups or artificial ingredients. In delectable flavors including Double Chocolate, Classic Walnut and Chocolate Chip Mint, your health-conscious mate will feel good about nibbling a brownie bite rather than diving into a whole tempting box of chocolates. Order brownie bites and other wholesome baked goods at BBcookies.com.

Price: One box of 8 (1-ounce) brownie bites is $4.49

Erin Bakers Organic Brownie Bites

Bouchon Bakery Desserts

Does it get any better than exotic truffles, devil’s food marshmallow fluff cupcakes with chocolate fondant and red and pink hearts, or shortbread cookies covered in a white chocolate glaze with a candied love message? Bouchon Bakery, with locations in New York, Yountville, and Las Vegas, has created a seductive collection of must-eat sweets for Valentines Day. Pick up a bag of the passion caramel, champagne raspberry, or salted caramel truffles. Surprise your mate with the heart-shaped yogurt cookies in an array of pastel colored icing. Or choose an assortment of Expression Cookies decorated with Valentines Day sayings. Go to BouchonBakery.com for more information and bakery locations.
Price: $18 for a bag of truffles, $3.25 for Expression Cookies, and $10 for 5 heart-shaped cookies. Check with individual locations for additional Valentines Day desserts and pricing information.

Bouchon Bakery Desserts

Fleur d’Amour

A luscious fragrance of Mediterranean citrus, luxurious woods and rich musk, this refined floral perfume is a sensuous creation of Sylvie Beljanski’s collaboration with noted French perfumer Jean Pierre Subrenat. Founder of Beljanski Wellness Center – a new center located in Manhattan that is devoted to achieving wellness and beauty through detoxification, Beljanski offers this distinctly French fragrance to lavish women with a safe, phthalate-free way to indulge the senses. Top notes include sweet bergamot mixed with bourgeons de cassis and middle notes include lily of the valley, Moroccan jasmine, pink peony, and bulgarian rose while bottom notes include white amber mixed with modern musks, Australian sandalwood and a drop of vanilla from Madagascar.
Fleur d’Amour can be purchased online at Fleur d’Amour.
Price: $60 (Note: $5 will be donated to cancer research.)

Fleur d'Amour


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