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How to eat local in the winter

Just because there is snow on the ground and the temperature is below freezing (in many areas of the country), that is no excuse to eat frozen fruits and vegetables or heat up dinner in the microwave. There are plenty of local options to munch on throughout the entire winter season…you just have to find them and be creative. Here’s how.

Woman at Farmer's Market

How to find locally-sourced foods

Visit a farmer’s market

One of the best ways to figure out what is local and in season is to stroll through your farmer’s market or visit a few local farms. Farmer’s markets will always have a large variety of seasonal produce, no matter what the season. Right now, for most areas, root vegetables and tubers, such as potatoes, squash, turnips, onions, and carrots are in season but in warmer areas of the country there are many other fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables.

Be season-savvy at the supermarket

If your local farmer’s market has shuttered for the winter season, it is fine to shop at a grocery store, just be sure you know where your fruit and vegetables are coming from. If the food you choose has been grown in the United States, it is a better option than choosing asparagus from Peru or berries from Chile (wait until the spring for locally grown produce, it will taste better anyway!).

Do your research

The best choice is to eat as local as your area will provide. To figure out exactly what foods are in season in your area, visit the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). This website has a great tool where you can enter your state and season to figure out the foods locally grown in your area as well as surrounding area. It is a very simple way to always know what is in season and not be left out in the cold.

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