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Easy kale recipes

Kale is a nutritious and delicious leafy green vegetable that you should try. While we were still in college, my husband’s institution of higher learning went on an ornamental kale planting binge – it was beyond comical. Yes, I used to ridicule kale but once I tried it, with its nutrition, versatility and taste, I was pleasantly surprised. No joke. Here are a few of my favorite kale recipes for you to try.



After my husband’s college planted scads and scads of kale, it was everywhere, from planting beds outside lab buildings to concrete planters near the administration office, and so on. It wasn’t long before some smart-aleck started printing kale recipes in the school newspaper. As a public service for all the poor graduate students trying to make ends meet, of course.

Experiment with kale

I admit I used to riducule kale. It was just a little too out there for me, or so I thought. When I actually gave it a try, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

As with any new, or new-to-you ingredient, it may take some experimentation so find the way you like it best. Almost any recipe that calls for spinach I’ll at least try with kale – and that’s how I first got hooked.

Kale is Nutritious

If you want to get all your daily vitamin A, C and K in one serving (1 cup, chopped), not to mention iron and calcium, and for very few carbs, kale is for you.

As a member of the Brassica family, kale is related to cabbage and to broccoli and Brussels sprouts. It’s nutritious and filling – many consider it a “power” food – and is actually quite tasty.

It’s wonderful in a salad and as an addition to hearty winter soups. Even in a simple saute, kale adds flavor, color and nutrition to any meal.

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