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Super Bowl recipes and party tips

No matter who wins the Super Bowl this year, make sure you throw a winning party with a few simple snacks, games and decorations. You don’t have to have seats on the sidelines to enjoy rooting for your favorite team. With a few friends or family, you can enjoy the biggest game of the year from you own comfy couch. Here are some Super Bowl recipes and party tips.

Football Fans

Super Bowl party tip #1: Invite early

Be sure to send your invitations out at least two weeks in advance. Your friends can easily get booked up for the big game, so invite early. For fun-themed electronic invitations visit, or if you like to send paper invites, visit for customized invitations.

Super Bowl party tip #2: Decorate accordingly

If you are rooting for a specific team, decorate your house in team gear. String up team colored streamers and lights and make a huge “Go Team!” sign to hang on the wall. Be sure to decorate your buffet or snack table with football themed centerpieces and paper goods, too. Visit for more football decorations and goodies.

Super Bowl party tip #3: Team up

Give your guests team colored pom poms or other rooting paraphernalia so they can proudly show their team spirit. If you have people rooting for different teams, decorate one side your house with one team’s colors and the other side with the other team’s colors. Make a line down the center of the room with masking tape and have fans sit on the appropriate side.

Super Bowl party tip #4: Take bets

Football feats: Before your guests arrive, use a large piece of poster board to list different angles of the game your guests can bet on (i.e. which team is going to win, cover the most yards, have the most injuries, etc.). Hang it up in a visible spot and when your guests arrive fill it in with their choices. You can play for money, or have a fun prize, such as football decorated cupcakes or cookies for the winner (or for everyone to share).

Super Bowl commercials: If betting on the teams is not your thing, bet on the multi-million dollar commercials (Isn’t that why you really watch the game, anyway?). Have each person write down what their top three favorite commercials are and vote on the winners at the end.


Play ball: During the half-time show, if it’s not too cold outside, host your own mini super bowl, taking bets on which psuedo-team will win. Losers have to clean up after the big game. Or if it is too cold, move the furniture inside, take down any fragile objects, and throw around a foam football with bets on which guest or which guest team can keep it in play.

Super Bowl tip #5: Set up a buffet

The best option for a Super Bowl party is a buffet or snack table. This way, guests can eat what they want, when they want. Be sure to have a variety of options including, different types of meat and non-meat foods. Also, as much as you want to be healthy, one of the best things about the Super Bowl is pigging out! So if you or some of your friends want to stick to your diet, have a few healthy snacks available but also have some unhealthy snacks around for those who want to indulge.

Super Bowl party tip #6: Serve little bites

Finger foods and bite-sized foods are best, as no one will want to use a fork and knife when they are trying to high-five a touch down! (Recipes follow.)

Super Bowl party tip #7: Serve up the spirits

As for drinks, have a selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages available. As beer is the typical football party choice, in addition to having cases of good brews, serve a few beer cocktails tackle your guests thirst.

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