Classic Christmas Food & Drinks & the Recipes to Make Them

Feel like there’s no end to your Pinterest searches for the best holiday recipes? We feel you. We did the digging for you so you can put together a classic and delicious holiday feast for everyone you love. Whether you’ve got vegetarians or total traditionalists, this is a list that will please almost everyone.

1. A great green bean casserole

Best Christmas Food and Drink: Green bean casserole
Image: Sally’s Baking Addiction

This green bean casserole is made from scratch and absolutely delicious. We especially love the “fried” onions, which are plentiful in this recipe.

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2. Dry turkey brining

Best Christmas Food and Drink: Dry turkey brine
Image: Primally Inspired

Don’t have it in you to soak a turkey in saltwater? This dry brine will make the skin extra crispy while keeping the meat moist.

3. Beef tenderloin

Best Christmas Food and Drink: Beef tenderloin
Image: Steel House Kitchen

If you’re going with a tenderloin instead of a bird, we highly recommend this garlic-rosemary beef recipe.

4. Absolutely incredible mashed potatoes

Best Christmas Food and Drink: Mashed potatoes
Image: Lauren’s Latest

In case your family’s handed-down mashed potato recipe feels a little lacking, this recipe will make the creamiest, most delicious spuds you’ve ever tasted.

5. Old-school sweet potato casserole

Best Christmas Food and Drink: Candied yams
Image: Catz in the Kitchen

If sweet potato casserole is a must-have on your holiday table, this recipe will help you make it perfectly.

6. Pie

Best Christmas Food and Drink: Cranberry pear pie
Image: Baker by Nature

Everyone has their favorite pie, but we’re especially fond of this cranberry-pear option. Seasonal but still a bit surprising, just the way we like it.

7. Hot cider

Best Christmas Food and Drink: Hot apple cider
Image: Catching Seeds

This cider is everything you need to warm everybody up before or after dinner. Want to make a boozy option for the grown-ups? We’ve got recipes for that too.

8. Eggnog

Best Christmas Food and Drink: Egg nog
Image: Cooking Bride

Making your own eggnog is so much better than the store-bought version, and this recipe shows you how. Want even more variety? We’ve collected all the best eggnog recipes.

9. Cranberry-apple sangria

Best Christmas Food and Drink: Cranberry apple sangria
Image: Flavour and Savour
Something pleasant to sip on while you’re finishing up dinner or keeping the guests entertained, we love this festive sangria.

10. Plant-based holiday dishes

Best Christmas Food and Drink: Plant-based dishes
Image: Delicious Everyday

Will you have some vegan or vegetarian guests? No problem. This mushroom Wellington is a delicious main course, and we’ve got even more vegan holiday recipes that everyone will enjoy.

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Image: Baker by Nature. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.
A version of this article was originally published in December 2008.


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