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Dirty lemons, shortages and high prices leave lemon-lovers sour

If you are a lemon-lover, you are undoubtedly aware of the soaring lemon prices this summer. First there was news that restaurants were using lemons contaminated with E.coli, then poor weather caused a world-wide lemon shortage. Nice timing, right? Instead of grumble about skyrocketing prices or questionable lemons, consider a fresh lemon alternative.


All-natural alternative to fresh lemons

In spite of the decrease in crop productivity, as reported by the US Department of Agriculture, you can still have the unparalleled flavor of fresh lemons.

True Lemon, the orginal all-natural crystallized lemon, made with fresh lemon juice and fragrant, flavorful lemon oils, is becoming lemon-lovers’ go-to citrus alternative.

Available in easy-to-carry packets and shakers, True Lemon provides freshly squeezed lemon taste wherever you normally use fresh lemons. Best yet, it contains no calories, sugars, artificial sweeteners, gluten, sodium or preservatives. Plus, each serving supplies 25 percent of your daily vitamin C requirements.

Economical advantage of True Lemon

One box of True Lemon retails for $3.29 and is the taste equivalent to 12 lemons. Fresh lemons, in some stores, are sold for $1 or more each. That’s quite a savings!

Even better, if you happen to buy fresh lemons with the best of intentions to use them before they spoil – and then don’t – True Lemon, which is shelf-stable, cuts down on your waste, too.

Versatile citrus alternative

In addition to saving you money, True Lemon can save you time. Instead of spending 15-plus minutes juicing lemons for lemonade or other cooking applications, all you need to do is tear open a packet of True Lemon or utilize the shaker. And there is no mess to clean up!

True Lemon is simply delicious just added to water, which becomes a healthier alternative to artificially sweetened or sugar-laden beverages. You can also add True Lemon to iced or hot tea or use it, reconstituted, in place of lemon juice in cooking and baking. And for those of you looking to cut the sodium in your diet, shake True Lemon on fish, chicken, vegetables and even popcorn in place of salt.

Try True Lemon for free

Visit for free samples or pick up a shaker or 32-packet box at Kroger, Safeway, Stop&Shop, Jewel’s, Publix and select Whole Foods. You can also try True Lime and True Orange for the complete citrus experience.

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