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Starbucks closures: The official deathwatch list

Starbucks announced recently that they will be closing 600 stores nationwide. Get the official list of closures here… and then go out and get yourself a venti something-or-other to toast them farewell.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner at Starbucks

Starbucks isn’t telling the exact method they used to calculate which stores will be placed on the chopping block, but we can pretty much assume it’s the ones that don’t make enough profit on the outrageously high — but somehow generally acceptable — coffee concoctions. There are a total of 600 Starbucks stores slated for closure, and some of the coffee shops on the list have already have been shuttered. As you might expect, California will be the hardest hit, and will be nearly 90 stores lighter when all is said and done. Interestingly, Arizona — with one of the fastest growing populations in the country — is losing but one Starbucks somewhere out in the boonies, putting the Grand Canyon state on par with wee states like Delaware and New Hampshire.

The 600 list

Is your favorite Starbucks scheduled to disappear?

Download the full list of Starbucks closures in pdf format

(If you don’t have the free Acrobat reader, first, welcome to the Internet; and secondly, you can get it right here.) Here are some of the high — and low points — of the report:

  • California: 88 Starbucks closing
  • Florida: 59 Starbucks closing
  • Hawaii: 5 Starbucks closing
  • Illinois: 25 Starbucks closing
  • Massachusetts: 7 Starbucks closing
  • New York: 39 Starbucks closing
  • Washington: 19 Starbucks closing (including 7 in Seattle proper)
  • Arizona, Washington DC, Delaware, New Hampshire, South Carolina, West Virginia: 1 Starbucks closing in each

Starbucks and the stars

Many celebrities — like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, above — have been very public fans of the coffees, frappuccinos, chai lattes and things like a grande nonfat, soymilk, no foam, half-caf triple shot mocha, extra hot with double whip and caramel sauce. See more than 15 stars who love their Starbucks here!

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