Exclusive preview of Rachael Ray’s test-kitchen for Everyday with Rachael Ray

Jun 3, 2008 at 2:51 p.m. ET

Rachael Ray is America's favorite quick-and-easy cook. And besides hosting several shows on the Food Network and her own daytime chat fest, the raspy-voiced media darling has her own line of cookware (available at Sears and Target), several cookbooks, and a popular magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray. SheKnows.com was thrilled to go behind the scenes at Ray's magazine headquarters for an exclusive preview of the New York City-based publication's in-office test kitchen.

Cheese Cake

Take a bite outta life

"Every Day with Rachael Ray serves up everything readers need to take a bite outta life," says editor Silvana Nardone. "We offer Rachael's signature quick-and-easy recipes plus fresh lifestyle, entertaining and travel ideas."

The goal of the magazine is to make the reader feel comfortable in the kitchen, says test kitchen director Tracey Seaman. She and the editors work closely with Ray to develop the recipes.

Have fun and don't take cooking too seriously

"The reader should feel free to have fun and not take cooking so seriously," Seaman says. "Every recipe needs to be approachable and doable."

Behind the Scenes at Every Day with Rachael Ray

Inside the bright, spacious test kitchen, Seaman demonstrated several easy, festive dishes from the June/July double summer issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray that will spice up any party.

Delectable recipes included goat cheese drizzled with green EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and sprinkled with nuts and herbs cut into slices and spread over crackers and baguettes; a grilled wheel of French cheese topped with cherries; and a chunky, simple salsa fresca using several fresh plum tomatoes, garlic cloves and cilantro.

Tracey Seaman These recipes are versatile and the salsa can even be folded into an omelet or mixed with ground beef for an instant chili.

Everything in moderation

Giving a nod to the time she spent living in Italy where bonbons are a favorite movie theater snack, Nardone concocted a strawberry bonbon recipe that's extremely delicious and kid-friendly: semi-sweet chocolate melted on top of vanilla wafers with scoops of strawberry ice cream and raw pistachios sprinkled on top.

Another sinfully rich desert recipe is for chocolate marshmallow cupcakes made with dark chocolate and marshmallow cream (see recipe). While the magazine occasionally does lower-calorie recipe makeovers, Every Day with Rachael Ray does not promote dieting.

"[We believe in] everything in moderation," says Nardone. "Our philosophy is to eat well, not to diet."

Try these Rachael Ray's summer party recipes featured in the June/July issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray and be sure to pick up a copy for even more quick and easy signature Rachael Ray meals.

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