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Refreshing and crisp wines for summer

Outdoor picnics and barbecues present perfect opportunities to enjoy a refreshing cold craft-brew, but don’t overlook the equally refreshing enjoyment of sipping a glass of a light, crisp and brightly flavored wine. This summer, try these inexpensive wines paired with your classic summer barbecue and picnic foods.
Summer Wine

Tips to Pick the Perfect Summer Wine

When looking for a summer wine, veer away from heavy, complex and oaky wines, like Syrahs, Super Tuscans, and Cabernet Sauvignons. Look for wines with low acidity and lower alcohol content, and light fruity flavors. Try a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Soave, or White Burgundy. Sparkling white or rose wines are also great choices.

The best wines for warm-weather are light tasting and crisply flavored reds or whites. These wines will feel light on your palate and they have a cool finish.

Wines made with the Sauvignon Blanc grape tend to have high citrus flavors, which are wonderful on hot summer days. And the Muscat grape, used to make Moscato and Asti, is light and perfumed, making these wines the perfect end to a hot summer day while sitting on your porch with a bowl of fresh fruit. For the most refreshing results, be sure to keep your whites or roses chilled and reds cold.

Summer Wine List

Here are some wonderful warm-weather wines.

2006 Domaine des Herbauges Muscadet Cotes de Granlieu
Loire Valley, France
This is a bright, crisp, refreshing, and fruity summer white wine.

2006 Some Young Punks Drink n’ Stick
A super fun red blend that pairs perfectly with grilled burgers and steaks.

Marco Real Rancha Rosado
A dry rosé with a higher alcohol content than most summer wines. Goes well with grilled pork, ribs, barbecue sauce, and smoke.

Keller Oro de Plata
Sonoma, California
This wine is a clean and crispy Chardonnay with a hint of citrus, no oaky taste, and a bright flavor.

1997 J. Moreau and Fils Chablis
A Chablis with a fresh, clean, and bright fruit flavors with a strong crisp finish.

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