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How to be an expert bartender

Tips for good beer service

1. Frosted mugs rule! Whether you are serving bottles, cans or from a keg, frosted mugs will keep a beer colder longer. To frost your glasses, rinse your mugs, pilsners or pints with water then put them in the freezer. 2. Pour to prevent a foamy head. After taking the frozen mug out of the freezer, rub the palm of your hand in an up and down motion on a part of the glasses exterior. Don’t rub the whole glass, just rub one small strip to grip when you pour. Tip the glass to the side and keep the bottle or can touching the inside of the glass as you pour. This will reduce the amount of head (foam) as you pour. 3. Don’t overpump the keg. If you are renting a keg for your party and are using a portable keg tap, you will be required to pump the keg with the attached manual hand pump. A lot of people pump the hand pump too many times which pushes too much air into the keg and causes foamy beer. Just remember this simple rule: Pump it one, two, three, and pour. 4. Bored with beer? If you have had enough brew or you aren’t a big beer drinker to begin with, try adding one of these to 12 ounces of light beer:

  • Two ounces lemon-lime soda for a sweeter taste.
  • Two dashes of salt to cut the beer taste.
  • One ounce Bloody Mary mix for a spicy taste.

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