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How to be an expert bartender

Alcoholic beverages are a big part of most adult festivities. Weddings have a champagne toast, holiday parties celebrate wine and spiked eggnog, tailgate parties boast beer. Even low-key get-togethers, like outdoor barbecues and a night out at the bowling alley are typically enjoyed with a few brews. Since alcohol is frequently served at most gatherings, why not learn how to expertly serve it and impress your guests with your bartending talents? Follow these tips and tricks and you will never have to attend bartending school to serve your guests well.

Woman Mixing Drinks

What about wine?

Women have an affinity for wine, so find out what wines your female guests prefer to drink. Men drink wine, too, but may opt for beer or hard liquor, depending on the occasion. Have a nice array of reds and whites as well as sweet wines and dry wines. The rule about red wines with heavier foods and white with lighter fare no longer applies. Most wine connoisseurs will tell you to, “Drink what you like.” Also don’t feel like you have to buy the most expensive wines. Some of the cheapest grocery store wines taste the best, find what you like and stick with it. For a start, try these 10 wines for $10 or less.

Tips for good wine service

1. Always serve wine in a wine glass. Glasses are made for specific drinks for a reason. Wine glasses have stems so the body heat from your hands does not come in contact with the drink, keeping the wine cooler longer. 2. Don’t use a wine you opened at a gathering from last month. Come on, you are hosting a party, don’t cheapen it by serving old wine. 3. Make sure all wines are refrigerated at all times, including red wines. People will tell you that red wine should be served at room temperature but the truth is this legend was discovered during medieval ages when wine was kept in cellars in huge castles. At that time room temperature was between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 4. Serve spritzers in addition to straight wine. For a refreshing change, offer spritzers. If you or your guests prefer sweeter drinks, make your white or blush wine into a spritzer by serving eight ounces of wine in a cocktail glass over ice and top it off with lemon-lime soda. Or try this simple, refreshing red wine spritzer. Spritzers are especially good for hot summer affairs.

Bring in the beer

When it comes to beer, most women will tell you they either like it or they don’t. Even if you aren’t fond of beer, you will end up serving it at one party or another. If you aren’t brew savvy, try these craft-brew buying tips and tips to serve craft brews.Next pages: Serving beer & cocktails/mixed drinks

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