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Simple Mother’s Day breakfast in bed

Surprise your mom or wife with a warm and wonderful breakfast in bed. A Mother’s Day breakfast in bed does not have to be complicated or even a multi-course meal to be extra special. A simple – but divine – breakfast of Amaretto French Toast and a frothy cup of cappuccino is all your mom or wife needs to feel appreciated, especially since she will be the one relaxing in her pajamas and savoring every bite. Breakfast in bed is a delicious way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

tulip coffee cup for mother's day


If you are fretting over the perfect Mother’s Day gift, fret no more. Instead of spending an exorbitant amount of time wondering what to get your mom or wife, make her day by making her a delectable breakfast in bed.


In addition to a breakfast worth a rise, include a few of these extras on your mom or wife’s breakfast in bed tray.

  • Fresh blooming flowers in a decorative vase
  • Homemade or store-bought Mother’s Day card
  • The Sunday newspaper
  • CD with her favorite songs
  • Movie tickets with an invitation to see a just-released show
  • Homemade coupon for a Day Off With The Girls
  • Gift certificate for a massage, manicure, pedicure or other pampering treat
  • Framed picture of her with her daughters, mother and grandmother
  • Note that says “I love you”


Rouse your mom or wife with the aromatic lure of toasted almonds, custardy toast and strong coffee. Present her with a breakfast in bed tray and let her savor every scrumptious bite and heady sip. While she is eating, ask her what she wants to do with her special day. She can get ready while you clean up the kitchen and the two of you or the whole family can spend Mother’s Day making your mom or wife feel like the most appreciated and special woman in the world.

Amaretto French Toast

Serves 1

2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoons Amaretto (or 2 teaspoons almond extract)
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 slices whole wheat bread

1/4 cup sliced almonds, toasted
1/4 cup mandarin orange segments

In a medium-sized baking dish, whisk together eggs, milk, Amaretto and cinnamon. Add bread and let soak for a couple of minutes, turn slices over and soak while preparing skillet or griddle. Heat a large nonstick skillet or griddle to medium-high. Spray generously with nonstick cooking spray and transfer bread to skillet or griddle. Cook for 3 minutes, use a spatula to flip, and cook for another 3 minutes. Both sides of the toast should be golden brown and slightly puffed. Transfer French toast to a serving plate and garnish with almonds and mandarin oranges. Serve warm with butter and warmed maple or fresh fruit flavored syrups.

Frothy Cup of Cappuccino

Serves 1

1/4 cup chilled milk
1 large cup of strong coffee, with room for milk
Cocoa powder for dusting

Place milk in a wide tall glass. Use a handheld immersion blender to froth milk, processing for 2 to 3 minutes. Pour frothy milk on top of coffee and dust with cocoa powder. Serve immediately.

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