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Inexpensive wines

The best wines do not always tote a hefty price tag. There are great wines from lesser-known wineries and regions that are less expensive but just as fine. The past few years have grown vastly-improved economy wines that offer quality taste for under $10 a bottle.


The cardinal rule for selecting cheaper wines is to never buy a wine that has a television commercial or high-end glossy magazine ads. If the winery has the money to expensively advertise, they are going to typically have an expensive price on their wines.


Stay away from well-known wine producing regions, such as Bordeaux and Burgundy. Wines from areas in South Africa, Australia, and Chile – places you would not typically associate with great wine – are now producing stellar wines at lower prices. There are also wines from less-commercialized areas in the States that also produce delicious, satisfying wines for people on a budget.


Try finding wines that no one knows about yet because once they become popular, they usually rise in price. Browse your local independently-owned wine purveyor or the local out-of-the-way wineries for good finds.

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