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Food trends for 2008

The nation’s appetite for healthy and responsible nutrition continues to grow each year. Amanda Freeman is the co-founder of Vital Juice Daily. This free email newsletter delivers the latest information, trends and tips in the areas of fitness, nutrition, healing, beauty, green living and social responsibility to the inboxes of well-conscious women.

On their website, you can read about What’s Cooking in 2008, including smart food, green packaging and label power. In addition to the trends listed on the site, Amanda was kind enough to share with us some additional food trends that will emerge and grow throughout 2008.

Rainbow diet: The more colorful your plate (and your diet in general) the more nutrients and vitamins you are getting. Think red for improved memory function, orange and yellow for heart and vision health and green for strong bones and teeth.

Green foods: The group of foods including barley grass, wheat grass and blue-green algae are nutrient dense powerhouses. They have beneficial effects on cholesterol, blood pressure, immune response and cancer prevention.

Food miles: The latest green trend in nutrition is keeping track of food miles – the distance food travels from the time of its production until it reaches our plate. It is the best way to determine the environmental impact of our eating habits.

Quinoa GrainQuinoa: This mineral-rich grain is considered one of the few complete proteins (with all nine essential amino acids). As more and more Americans go vegetarian and vegan, it is emerging as the protein (and grain) of choice.

Kombucha: A true beverage adventure, a cross between a tea and an elixir, Kombucha is made from raw organic ingredients and a “cultured” kind of yogurt. It can improve your energy levels and your digestion.

Kefir: Kefir (sounds like kef-ee-yer) is like yogurt, only better. The creamy drink is made from fermented milk and grain and is packed with probiotic bacteria and yeast that can give a weakened digestive system a boost.

Ecohol: Booze guilt-free with ecohol. Today’s chicest bars are fully stocked with everything organic: wines, vodkas and juice mixers. Whether ordering a Square One vodka tonic or a 2002 Frey Syrah, you can feel good that imbibing your libations will not leave the world any less lush! We’ll drink to that!

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