Little Black Dress Wines

Little Black Dress Wines are named after the iconic little black dress, which all women can relate to. It’s timeless, classic, and quite possibly the #1 fashion emblem of all time. However, these wines not only have a great package and a well recognized name – they really are great wines!

Little Black Dress WinesAvailable in Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Grigio, Little Black Dress Wines have received numerous accolades and were recently named “Best New Wine” by Market Watch Magazine. And women have been going crazy for them – the name is great, the bottle is “cute” and the wine tastes excellent!

If you’re not familiar with these wines, you’ll likely be reading about them soon, as they’re honoring awards season by hosting celebrity dress auctions, as well as partnering with E! television, and being poured at many of Hollywood’s hottest events.

At the Golden Globes auction they had tons of celebrities participate, including Nicolette Sheridan, Felicity Huffman, Edie Falco, Julianne Moore, America Ferrara and many more.

All of the great response the wines have received from celebrities, coupled with its great reviews, fantastic package and outstanding taste proves that Little Black Dress is a must-have for women.

At just $10 a bottle, you should be pouring Little Black Dress Wines at any gathering or party at your home. These wines also make the perfect gift for just about anyone!

Visit their website at to learn more about these fabulous wines and also to find out about their contest with US Weekly magazine. Get the details on how you can have a chance to win the Ultimate Red Carpet Treatment.


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