Snack sensibly

Snacking sensibly is all about portion control. You can enjoy your some of your favorite treats everyday, as long as you eat in moderation. To help you and your family maintain proper serving sizes, check out the Yum Yum Dish.

Yum Yum DishThe Yum Yum Dish is designed to hold 4 oz. of your favorite snack. These colorful dishes are perfect for kids, teens or adults looking to control portion sizes. Each cute hand-painted dish reminds you that “Yum Yum Time is … over” with the message on the bottom of the dish.

Each set of ceramic Yum Yum Dishes is available in four colors. Yellow, Blue, Red and Green. You can get one of each color, or choose all of one particular color.

You can order Yum Yum Dishes online at A set of four dishes is just $22 and a portion of the proceeds from your purchase goes to Louie’s Kids,  a non-profit organization raising money to help tackle obesity in children.

Visit to learn more about portion control and to order your Yum Yum Dishes.


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