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The best ice cream ever…

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you completely fell in love with a brand of food and then for some reason you ended up forgetting it? When I lived in Dayton, Ohio while my boyfriend was in college, he took me to the mall once and afterwards, we got ice cream. I recall telling him how amazing it was. I absolutely loved it, in fact. Well, for one reason or another I ended up forgetting about it because we didn’t go to the mall much. When we moved back to my hometown, they didn’t (and still don’t) have it here so I was doomed to never remember. At least, I was until some showed up on my doorstep.

French Pot ice cream

Graeter’s Ice Cream is handmade in a French Pot process in Cincinnati, Ohio. The French Pot process makes the ice cream incredibly creamy and delicious. The problem is that because of the
intensive process and the lack of ability to mass produce in the same way, few companies, if any do it this way anymore. Graeter’s is a rarity as they are only out to make sure that you get the
best ice cream possible.Using a French Pot Freezer, only two gallons of ice cream can be made in a batch. However, when you taste the results you would never want to buy anything else. The ice cream recipe is combined and
chilled along the spinning sides of the French Pot freezer. As it spins, and freezes, a blade is there to scrape the sides and fold the ice cream together to ensure absolute creaminess. If
chocolate chips are added, Graeter’s actually pours a layer of chocolate into the ice cream, which freezes and is later broken up to make incredibly large chocolate shards.

As there is little to no air in the ice cream thanks to the whipping process, the ice cream becomes incredibly dense. When it is ready to be packed, each pint has to be packed by hand. It takes a
lot of hard work to make this ice cream, but it’s some of the best you will ever taste. It’s also quite addicting.

Dip & Ship ice cream

Graeter’s was kind enough to send me some samples and when I received them, I discovered I had tried their ice cream once before. I loved it then and I still feel the same way. The only
difference is that now I definitely won’t be forgetting who they are. Graeter’s offers a process called Dip & Ship. You can order six or twelve pints at a time.Graeter’s was gracious enough to send me six pints to try out. Normally I request specific flavors when I work with other companies, but this time I threw caution to the wind and just waited
for the surprise flavors to arrive.

I received the following flavors:

Chocolate Chip

Butter Pecan


Black Raspberry Chip


Raspberry Sorbet

The large nut pieces in the pistachio and the soft, almost minty flavor are so smooth it just melts in your mouth in a burst of flavor that cannot compare to anything you have ever had before. The
butter pecan comes with a rich, buttery flavor and is packed with large, crisp pecans. As for the chocolate and the black raspberry chip I just have to say that I find it amusing that they even
call these chips! When I think of chips, I think of tiny morsels and not huge chunks of delectable chocolate. The red and white peppermint offered the right amount of minty, peppermint flavor
without being overpowering. Finally, the Raspberry Sorbet takes a hold of your taste buds with the sharp raspberry flavor and a smoothness that cannot be found elsewhere.

Find out what you’ve been missing

The whole family had their favorite from the bunch though everyone liked each specific flavor and said they would gladly eat them again. While you might find this ice cream to be a bit more expensive
when compared to the store bought brands (12 pints is $80 with shipping) when you taste this ice cream you will realize just what you have been missing out on without it.This fabulous ice cream made by Graeter’s comes highly recommended. You can check out Graeter’s by visiting their
. If you want more information on their regular flavors or their seasonal flavors you can find that information and more on their website.

Check them out. This fabulous ice cream is a must have!

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