Envirosax reusable grocery bags

Each of us should find ways to help preserve the environment by making some small changes in our daily lives. One easy way to help is by utilizing reusable grocery bags. Many companies have come out with different sizes, shapes and colors of these grocery bags over the last few years. However, some of the best that I have seen are Envirosax bags.

EnvirosaxUnlike many reusable grocery bags, Envirosax are cute! Five of these lightweight, waterproof bags come in a convenient travel pouch that you can stow in your glove box. Each bag features a different colorful print pattern. The bags are large enough (19.5″ x 16.5″) to hold the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags.

A set of five bags (and the travel pouch) is only $34.50 from Delight.com and other retailers. (They come in a bunch of great bold designs, too!)

Envirosax would make the perfect gift for just about any woman on your gift list. Everyone needs grocery bags!



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