Hippity hoppity Easter baskets

Easy Easter cupcake crafts you can make with your kids!
Basic cupcakes, any flavor
Frosting, tinted in spring shades of yellow and pink
Airheads Candy bars in Strawberry or Cherry and Green Apple or Watermelon
Airheads Xtremes Rainbow belts
Airheads Xtremes Strawberry roll
Mentos Sours or Mixed Fruit candies
Florist wire

1) Frost cupcakes with tinted frosting.

2) Bend 7 inch wire to form basket handle. Wrap wire with Airheads
Xtremes Strawberry roll and seal edges with frosting. Insert into

3) Place an assortment of Mentos into frosting in center of basket to
form Easter eggs.

4) For grass, slice a long strip of green Airheads and bend into
accordion shape, wrap around outside of frosting just above paper liner.

5) For rainbow handle, bend an Airheads Xtremes Rainbow belt into an
accordion shape, insert florist wire through the center, repeat until
full. Insert handle into cupcake.


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