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How to entertain a dinner party

Mychael Chang is creating a buzz in the lifestyle and entertaining world with a unique appeal for today’s fast-paced generation. Entertaining can be a breeze! Just a little planning ensures a successful, stress-free event.
Dinner Party
You’ll be surprised how much time and trouble you can save by following these simple tips: 

  • Always buy your groceries a few days before your event. Last minute trips to the market can cost you precious time and make you tired and stressed. Your guests will sense this and may decline your next invitation.
  • Double-check the pantry. Do you have enough condiments, beverages and napkins? Then check the freezer — do you have enough ice?
  • The day before your event, prepare as many menu items as possible. Wash and trim lettuce and vegetables ahead of time. Peel and slice potatoes — they’ll stay fresh and crisp if left soaking in water overnight.
  • The night before, set the table, prep the bar, and chill beverages overnight.
  • For dinner parties, make soup your first course and prepare it the day before. Soups and sauces always taste better the next day.
  • Save even more time by making dessert ahead of time. Créme brulee is much easier to make than it looks. (Get a recipe for créme brulee here!)
  • For the main course, forget messy pots and pans — get grilling. You can cook vegetables and proteins at the same time, and clean up is quick. Grilled prawns on a bed of grilled squash and eggplant is not only easy to prepare, it’s a healthful choice for summer and can be elegantly arranged on the plate.
  • Most importantly, make sure you’ve prepared enough food for your guests. Don’t send your guests home hungry! Spend a little extra money and have ample amounts of food. Enjoy leftovers for lunch the next day.

Now pour yourself a delicious glass of red wine and flirt with the hottest guest who walks through your door (or your husband, as the case may be).

Then relax, and have a great time!

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