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Gettiing your family to eat more vegetables

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Your question:
Help! How can I get my kids and spouse to eat more veggies — especially those dark green leafy ones that are supposed to be so good for us?

The expert answers:
If your kids or your spouse aren’t eating important veggies such as spinach, broccoli or collard greens, they’re missing out on some of the most nutritious foods available. Here are a few ideas:

Combine veggies with their favorite foods. For example, why not make a habit of adding spinach to your marinara sauce? You can also try adding spinach and/or bell peppers to scrambled eggs.

How about a healthful coleslaw made with cabbage or bok choy?

Experiment with adding different vegetables to your family’s favorite soups. (Broccoli and cheese soup is always a favorite.)

Finger foods are fun for children as well as quick and easy to prepare. Let kids experiment with different vegetables and dipping sauces. Asparagus and broccoli taste great dipped in cheese. Bell pepper strips are good dipped in salad dressings. And there’s always the old celery stick and peanut butter combo.

Try using as much spinach in your salad as your family will allow, and experiment with a variety of salad vegetables until you find the ones they like the best.

Involve the kids in preparing their own meals. They will feel a sense of pride in making something themselves and will want to taste what they have created.

Beyond teaching them about healthy food choices, being in kitchen can also be a great opportunity to teach them some practical math and reading skills.

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