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Your low carb holiday journal

Cheers to the holidays and maintaining your low carb lifestyle despite the endless temptations of high carb fare. Here’s our low carb holiday journal tips.

Laugh, laugh and laugh some more

You’ll recall our “C-A-R-B” journal prompts (Cheers, Aha, Reference and Beware) as a way to organize your journal. You might start with Cheers for all the good cheer this time of year. As American
poet e.e. cummings wrote, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” Let’s not waste any time in seeing the humor in some of the formidable food situations we encounter (visions of Aunt
Ethel insisting we eat that huge chunk of her prize fruitcake, redolent of rum and bursting with those hard little green things).We also know that laughter itself has many proven health benefits, such as helping to relieve tension and stress (a real plus during the hectic holidays). So let’s fill our holidays with family,
friends, music, giving, sharing and big heaping helpings of laughter instead of focusing only on the food. Then the treats you do choose will be even more special.

Record your favorite low carb recipe

In your journal’s Reference section, you might include at least one terrific low carb recipe you’ve discovered this season. For example, I found one for sugar-free instant vanilla pudding blended
with pumpkin and cinnamon that is a guilt-free and good-looking parfait. It’s definitely a keeper.

Ditch the Holiday Binge Bully

Your Beware journal entries might include the Holiday Binge Bully. You know him. He’s that nagging voice that taunts us with, “It’s the holidays, so forget all healthy eating and exercising. Stuff
your face like everyone else! After all, ’tis the season to be piggy!” But the truth is that now days everyone isn’t pigging out.More and more of us are eating less of the fat-filled and carb-crammed concoctions but enjoying our food more. For example, I indulged in a slice (OK, it was two!) of homemade pumpkin pie at a
recent family get-together by savoring the pie filling but not eating the crust, which was never my favorite part anyway.

A low carb holiday to remember

As you record these holidays in your journal, you’ll be taking some time for yourself. Later on, it will be nice to relive the good times on a cold wintry evening. As Italian novelist Italo Svevo
wisely observed, “God created memory so that we might have roses in December.” What a beautiful reminder to recall our best days and triumphs when the going gets tough. When we are tempted to give in
and give up, let’s inhale the scent of those fragrant memories and give ourselves a mental rose (no thorns and low carb). Have a joyous and laughter-filled holiday.

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