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Cheeters Diet Treats develops kosher Challah and cinnamon bread

Cheeters Diet Treats, a leader in low-carb bread-based items, has announced the availability of low-carb kosher Challah, giving people who are living a low-carb lifestyle a way to keep with tradition without cheating and going off the program.

Made with the finest kosher ingredients, Cheeters Challah contains only 8g grams of total carbs (6g net carbs) per one-ounce serving size and a whopping 6g protein. The Cinnamon Bread is also kosher and contains only 8g of carbs per serving. For $4.99 a loaf, the Cinnamon Bread is a healthy alternative to carb-laden breakfast treats.

Perfect for a healthy, tasty morning’s French toast, this kosher egg Challah is a balanced food, offering the ideal blend of protein (6g), carbohydrates (6g net) and fat (1g). Now bread lovers can enjoy a healthy and tasty low-carb choice when eating meals while still watching their weight.

Cheeters Diet Treat’s Challah and Cinnamon Bread can be purchased fresh from local markets and health food stores and is also available in a frozen, unbaked version for home-baked goodness.

Jewish meals traditionally begin with the breaking of bread. Challah is a special kind of bread used for Shabbat (the Sabbath) and High Holidays or for any kosher meal. Cheeters Diet Treats has created a product that allows Jewish tradition to be followed without sacrificing healthy eating choices.

Cheeters Diet Treats is famous for offering low-carb products that are usually considered a “cheat,” but through Cheeters Diet Treats’ secret recipes, healthy eaters can now re-incorporate crackers, bread and even pizza into their low-carb diet — helping aid the following of a low-carb program. In addition, all Cheeters products are made using the finest-caliber ingredients to ensure optimum taste and enjoyment.

“All other low-carb breads are spongy and flat-tasting,” explained Cheeters Diet Treats founder, Kevin Zigarac, “even the ones made by the big guys. Our goal was to offer a traditional Challah, and other Kosher baked goods, that conforms to kosher standards while maintaining the consistency and taste of regular bread.”

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