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Low carb Christmas gift ideas

Nothing says the holidays like a box of chocolates. It’s that gift that keeps on giving. Cravings, that is. While the holidays mean sweet profits for chocolate companies, low carbers are filling their lists with other treats. If you are shopping for a low carber or you are writing your own low carb wish list, here are some ideas to help make your holiday shopping a delectable low carb delight.

Low carb Christmas gifts

The nutty list{/healdine}Nuts are for the holidays…or holidays are for nuts. If you are nuts for the holidays, share a little fiber with some low carb friends. The Ultimate Nut
& Candy Co. has a great selection of nutty gifts for the nut lovers on your list. Check out the Ultimate’s For In The Shell Nut Lovers Basket, from the Ultimate Nut & Candy Co.
It’s four pounds of tasty snacks still in their shells.

High protein fishy-love

Maybe your true love would prefer romance in a basket. The Alaska Smokehouse Romance for Two Gift Basket from the Alaska Smokehouse is less than $30 and offers a tantalizing selection of smoked
salmon, flourless cake and coffee. It’s a complete fish-lovers evening in a basket.

Low carb yum under the sea

For the seafood lovers on your list. Invite them to cut carbs with the king of the sea! The Carb Buster Kit from contains: a variety of smoked salmon fillets in gift boxes, trout spread, shrimp and salmon spread and lobster spread. It’s everything from the deep for under $100.

Tea for two

A holiday evening would be quite romantic in front of a roaring fireplace. What better way to toast the evening than with The Reed & Barton Tea Chest. Sarah Woods Traditions offers a mahogany tea
chest lined with red felt and filled with Taylors of Harrogate teas. It’s the warmth of the holidays in a cup — for virtually no carbs.

Best booze

Try a Low Carb Margarita Gift Basket. Stock it with all the ingredients for low carb margaritas: low carb margarita mix, tequila, salt and low carb tortilla chips!Hot holidays: For a hot drink without the caffeine, try the Gevalia Eight Box Flavored Variety Pack. The gift box includes eight 8-ounce packages of coffee
including: Chocolate Raspberry, Vanilla Nut, Irish Cream, Amaretto, Cinnamon, Mocha, French Vanilla and Hazelnut coffees. Be sure to specify regular or decaffeinated when ordering.

Chewy treats

If it’s sweets you crave. you’ll love Ultimate’s Low Carb and Sugarfree Almond English Toffee. It has less than 1 gram of carbohydrates per stick. Made with pure creamery butter, Belgian milk
chocolate and covered with crushed almonds, it’s a delightful treat of holiday sweetness.

No belly jelly beans

Tempting candies line dessert tables at every Christmas gathering. Save yourself and a friend from indulging in the usual sugar-loaded treats and opt for The Sugar Free Jelly Belly
Gift Box, which has all the taste of the trademark Jelly Belly jelly beans, but without the sugar! The best part: it rings in under $10.

Holiday indulgence

Not even Santa could fill your stocking with this many low carb snacks. The Atkins Low Carb Christmas Snack Pack is stocked full of Atkins Nutritionals Inc. low carb treats, and after the treats are
gone, enjoy the reusable metal votive candleholder.

Southern sweets

If you can’t celebrate the holidays without chocolate, then have your treat and eat it, too — low carb style. A Taste of the South has just the thing for chocolate and nut lovers on your list. The
Sugar Free Chocolate Pecans in a clear canister contains fresh southern pecans covered in a sugar-free chocolate coating. It’s a dark-nutty delight for any chocolate lover.Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be all socks and underwear for the low carbers on your list. Indulge them with some of the fancier things in life — they’ll appreciate the sentiment!

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