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What’s your low carb personality?

Take this quiz to find out what your low carb habits say about you!

1. If you go through a fast-food drive-thru, you order:

a. By the number — sandwich, fries and a diet soda

b. Whatever passes for a salad (with fat-free dressing)

c. A la carte — burger, hold the bun, and a bottle of water.

2. You are most likely to buy which canned product:

a. Light sliced peaches

b. Green beans

c. Tuna fish

3. Most of your food comes from:

a. Boxes

b. The garden

c. Containers in the fridge

4. If you eat fruit, you’re most likely to choose:

a. Banana

b. Grapefruit half

c. Melon chunks

5. At a party, you gravitate toward the:

a. Pretzels or whole-wheat crackers

b. Fried mozzarella sticks

c. Little skewers of cheese and meat

6. At the grocery store, you shop primarily in the:

a. Candy aisle

b. Produce section

c. Meat/seafood department

7. Which veggie will most likely find its way to your plate?

a. Corn on the cob

b. French-cut green beans

c. Broccoli florets

8. When you go to your favorite restaurant and order “the usual,” you are served:

a. Pasta with white sauce and garlic bread

b. Fried shrimp and rice

c. Grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli

9. Your Sunday morning breakfast special is:

a. Toaster pastries and waffles

b. Irish oatmeal with dried cranberries

c. Scrambled eggs with ham

10. Your favorite sandwich is:

a. A triple-decker special on white bread

b. Grilled chicken on crusty bread

c. Sub in a tub — just the meaty innards in a tidy container, please


LOW CARB DROPOUT: If you answered mostly “A,” you may need to go back to the drawing board. Most of your choices are high in carbs and sugars. Consider using the regular
version of your favorite salad dressing (which typically has few carbs than the fat-free kind) or trading a handful of pretzels for a cheese stick. And use all your popcorn as packing material to
ship your toaster to a high-carbing pal. Let her eat bagels!

LOW CARB DABBLER: If you chose mostly “B,” you make many healthful choices, but you’re not smack in the center of the low carb road. If you’d like to edit
your menu, lighten up on the bread and switch from breaded, fried proteins to steamed, broiled or grilled meats. Veggies are good choices, but choose less “carby” broccoli florets, celery and red
pepper strips. Keep up the good work!

HARD-CORE LOW CARBER: If most of your choices were “C,” you are a confirmed low carber. Most of your diet is great for a low carb lifestyle. You’re balancing low carb eating
with your busy lifestyle — and you make it look so easy! Be sure to add variety to keep things interesting and great tasting. You’re an inspiration!

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