How to make a perfect low-carb Margarita

Here’s how to make a fantastic fiesta in a glass: A low-carb margarita recipe for Cinco De Mayo… or for any other day!

margarita recipeIngredients:

2 fluid ounces tequila (preferably good agave, like Anej 1800 Reserve)
1 fluid ounce Triple Sec
1 fluid ounce Grand Marnier (orange-flavored liqueur)
1 fluid ounce fresh lime juice
4-5 fluid ounces prepared sugar-free lemonade


Use a shot glass for easiest measuring. Mix all ingredients over ice in a shaker cup and strain out into salted martini glasses, serving “up.”

Note: This margarita recipe is not extremely low in carbs, but is far preferable to traditional margaritas.

Serves 2Per serving: 9.81g carbs, 0.06g dietary fiber, 0.10g protein, 0.06g total fat, 0.00mg cholesterol, 1.57mg sodium, 154.46 calories

From Karen Rysavy’s More Cooking TLC: Truly Low Carb Cooking Volume II (ISBN 0971492921)