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Carobolite Europe teams up with Hazlewood Sandwiches

Carbolite Europe has teamed up with Hazlewood Sandwiches, the world’s
largest manufacturer of sandwiches, to develop a range of gourmet
low-carbohydrate sandwiches. Hazlewood Sandwiches is the leading major
sandwich supplier, and in partnership with Carbolite, has responded quickly
to the burgeoning consumer demand for convenient and delicious low-carb

“As we’ve watched the low-carb phenomenon take hold in the US, so too have we witnessed the impact that it has had on traditionally high-carb categories. The bread industry is one frequently cited as suffering as consumers turn to low-carb alternatives. Sandwiches are a mainstay of the UK diet and with the new Carbolite range will continue to be, even as part of a low-carb lifestyle,” says Managing Director of Hazlewood Sandwiches Mike Upton.

At last the 3 million Britons following the low-carb lifestyle don’t need to give up their established sandwich culture and can now enjoy a delicious low-carbohydrate option, “The taste profile of the Carbolite portfolio has been key to the brands success in the US and UK. Whilst the US market has illustrated consumer demand for low-carb product development, the long-term opportunity is for products that have no taste compromise and ‘enable’ dieters to stick with their eating plan, offer convenience and ultimately are satiating. The Carbolite sandwich range tastes exceptional and delivers on all fronts,” says Rob Ellert, managing director, Carbolite Europe.

The Carbolite sandwich range will include four of the UK favorites:

Egg Mayonnaise & Rocket Bloomer — Lightly seasoned egg mayonnaise and rocket leaves on a multi seed bloomer bread.

Chicken & Herb Salad Bloomer — Chicken breast combined with seasoned mayonnaise and a fresh herb salad on a multi seed bloomer bread.

Smoked Ham & Cheddar Bloomer — Dry cured smoked ham with shaved cheddar cheese and seasoned mayonnaise on a multi seed bloomer bread.

Prawn Mayonnaise — North Atlantic prawns with mayonnaise and iceberg lettuce on a multi seed bloomer bread.

All sandwiches have less that 10g net effective carbohydrate* via nutritional analysis compared to an average of 40g found in a regular sandwich. This is due to the development of an innovative low-carb bread – while standard white bread typically has around 45g available carb per 100g, the seeded bloomer developed for this range contains around 13g per 100g.

The new sandwiches will be available in the UK in September 2004.

EDITOR’S NOTE: LowCarb Energy has requested full carb, and fiber counts on this product from the company and will post the information as soon as it becomes available.

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