How to grow a sensual herb garden

One of cooking’s many pleasures is the delicious aromas wafting from your kitchen. In fact, when planning a romantic dinner at home, capturing that aromatic sensual experience can really put you at an advantage. That’s why using fresh herbs in dishes that you create at home can fulfill both physical and emotional hunger.

Woman with HerbsFresh herbs are best

One can use bottled herbs that have grown musty and, in many cases, barren of exotic fragrance. Or one can purchase fresh herbs from the supermarket, the ones that are stuffed into a zipper-lock bag like a lady in a corset, often woefully wilted and crushed from shipping. Or you can grow your own romantically charged herb garden, from which you can pluck fresh fronds right as you cook. In addition to imparting a wonderful fragrance, fresh herbs also give a boost of flavor that overcomes the need for additional oils, butter or heavy sauces – a definite plus in the pursuit of a healthy diet.

Fresh herbs are easy to grow

Anyone can have the luxury of fresh herbs in their kitchen, whether growing them in a small plot outdoors from seed or having a small window garden. Consider a clay window pot filled with seedlings from the local nursery in your kitchen so you can contribute the fullest flavors to the dishes you prepare. Having staples like basil, Italian parsley, thyme and rosemary can add life to the most humble of sauces or dressings. Caring for these plants is as simple as finding indirect sunlight and watering them every three days. If they attract any pests, a spray bottle with water and a small amount of soap should repel them.

Fresh herbs exude erotic powers

Research on erotic foods indicate that fresh herbs are super-charged with aphrodisiac powers. Many ancient cultures have utilized herbs in their flirtation and lovemaking rituals, wedding ceremonies and for erotic response. For example, to give yourself an instant pleasurable escape, run your fingers through a mini-window garden, inhale the herbs’ heady scents and dream of being in an Elizabethan garden with groomed rosemary hedges and beds of lavender, or wandering through wild sage and basil in the hills of Tuscany. Ah, bliss!

You can also take handfuls of fresh herbs and add them to your bathwater. A fragrant combination for a relaxing and dream-inspiring bath is fresh thyme sprigs, whole sage leaves, lavender flowers and leaves and cloves. For a stimulating bath add fresh rosemary sprigs, mint leaves, whole basil leaves, and dill sprigs with a teaspoon of rosemary oil. Then sit back, breathe deep and enjoy.

The most popular romantically appealing herbs

Basil:Used as an ancient love charm, basil’s pungent flavor pairs well with tomatoes, fish, or can liven up a salad when whole leaves are tossed in.

Dill: In sixteen-century England, the seeds of dill were believed to stimulate desire. The feathery leaves make an excellent garnish for soups or fish.

Lavender: Small doses of lavender are rumored to arouse a dream-like state. The fragrance is both stimulating and soothing. The flowers add intrigue to baked desserts like cookies and creme brulee.

Mint: Arabian legend believed that mint enhances virility. Sweet-smelling mint shines in salsas, beverages and desserts.

Rosemary: Medieval women bathed in its fragrance to allure men and offered gilded twigs to wedding guests. Delicious with chicken, pork, lamb and beef.

Thyme: Dioscorides, the first-century Greek physician, wrote of thyme’s ability to excite the senses. Thyme is an assertive and brazen herb, wonderful with chicken, vegetables and roasted potatoes.

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