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Truly Low Carb Vanilla Ice Cream

The simplest version ever — just stir together the liquid ingredients, then freeze according to your ice cream maker’s directions.


1 cup heavy cream (or plain, non-fat yogurt)
2-1/2 cups half and half cream (or Hood Carb Countdown 2 percent Dairy Beverage)
1/2 cup 0-carb sugar-free vanilla syrup (I prefer French Vanilla)

Makes four servings.

Per serving: 6.7g carbohydrates; 0g fiber; 5.7g protein; 40.2g fat; 137.8mg cholesterol; 94.4mg sodium; 402.1 calories

Per serving when made with (changes): 6.2 g carbohydrates ; 0 g fiber; 10.7 g protein; 3.8 g fat; 16.2 mg cholesterol; 184.2 mg sodium; 101.3 calories

Author’s note

When this recipe was created more than four years ago, there were very few low-carb products available to cook with. All that has certainly changed, now! These days, I usually replace some or all of the heavy cream in this recipe with yogurt, and use reduced-carb milk in place of the half-and-half cream.

These changes make this recipe a better choice for South Beach dieters or others who may be counting fat and calories in addition to carbs, so I’ve included updated nutritional calculations for both preparations.

Recipe tip

Any leftovers will freeze very hard. The best way to enjoy this recipe a second time might be to “shave” the leftovers using a snow-cone machine. Alternatively, you can freeze the leftovers in an ice cube tray, then add the cubes as needed to homemade protein shakes or smoothies.


Use a fruit-flavored syrup instead of vanilla and add 1 cup of fresh berries to the liquid ingredients. (Count added carbs from berries.)

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