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America’s thighs, hips, love handles and tummies join together to help "reshape the nation"

In conjunction with the launch of their new Low Carb Lovers Frozen Yogurt, TCBY urges the country to take part in the million pound challenge.

If you’ve been using your treadmill as a place to hang your dirty laundry or have blown thousands of dollars by making so-called “donations” to various fitness clubs, now is your chance to finally get in shape.

So, if you’re looking to get rid of those love handles, tone those thighs or shed 50 pounds, TCBY, The Country’s Best Yogurt, is putting Americans to the ultimate test…The Million Pound Challenge.

In conjunction with the launch of their new Low Carb Lovers frozen yogurt, TCBY is urging and at the same time helping people lose weight to hit a national goal of one million pounds. The total loss for the country will continuously be tallied on until the one million pound goal is met. And once the million pounds are shed from our bodies, TCBY will reward the country with free Low Carb Lovers frozen yogurt for an entire day. To join the Million Pound Challenge, log onto TCBY’s Web site or visit your local TCBY store.

“TCBY has continuously offered a line of frozen treats fitting a variety of lifestyle needs — from fat free to non dairy products — and the Million Pound Challenge is a perfect extension of that,” says Paul Kershisnik, director of marketing for TCBY. “And with an estimated one in every four Americans watching their carbohydrate intake, we wanted to create a product that offered less carbohydrates, but provided the same delicious taste our customers love and our products are known for.” With 4g net carbs* per half-cup serving, Low Carb Lovers frozen yogurt comes in two flavors — chocolate and vanilla, and is available in all TCBY stores.

The chocolate and vanilla flavor contain 17g carbs; 7g fiber and 6g sugar alcohols*.

Customers can add a variety of Low Carb Lovers toppings to complete their frozen treat including sugar free, fat free chocolate fudge mixed nuts, whipped topping, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

In addition to its new Low Carb Lovers frozen yogurt, TCBY also offers non-fat, no sugar added and 96 percent fat-free frozen yogurts as well as non-fat and non dairy sorbets, all in a variety of flavors.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There is currently no Food and Drug Administration mandate for determining how sugar alcohols should be counted. Many experts suggest counting at least half the sugar alcohols as carbohydrates, rather than subtracting them from the total carb count.)

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