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Gram’s Gourmet — No sugar alcohols here

Gram’s Gourmet offers a collection of healthy low-carb products without sugar alcohols.

Gram’s Gourmet is a food company that specializes in gourmet low-carb food products. Never using sugar alcohols, Gram’s relies on natural flavors, whey protein and Splenda to enhance the flavor of the products. From the wildly popular Sweet Cinnamon & Butter Crunchies (pork rinds) to their newest addition, Gram’s Gourmet Quick Thick’ner, this company delights low-carb audiences with innovative and unique products.

Some of Gram’s products

Gram’s Gourmet Waffle and Pancake Mix
Instant, just add water!
Gram’s Waffle Mix contains NO sugar alcohols, all natural flavors, whey protein, and has the maple and butter flavor built right in. So good even your kids will eat it.

Gram’s Gourmet Quick Thick’ner
One of Gram’s newest and most innovative products! Now you can make gravies, sauces, chili, soups and stews thick and creamy without all those cornstarch carbs. This products has 2 grams of carbs and 2 grams of fiber. Quick Thick’ner comes in a convenient shaker bottle and is specially formulated to mix without lumping or clumping.

Gram’s Gourmet Flax ‘N Nut Crunchies
Made with whey protein, natural flavors, premium nuts, flax and pure virgin coconut oil Gram’s Flax ‘ Nut Crunchies are a lowcarber’s dream come true. And as with all Gram’s products, NO sugar alcohols are used. Great mixed into sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese or low carb ice cream. Or serve with half and half like a cereal. Available in Vanilla Almond, Cinnamon Toast and Maple & Brown sugar flavors.

Gram’s Cream of Flax Maple Flavor
We took our most popular Cream of Flax flavor and packaged it in a box with 10 individual packets, just like you would buy oatmeal in the grocery store. Take a packet to work, camping or on road trips….if you can find hot water, you can enjoy Gram’s Cream of Flax anywhere. Made with only whey protein as it’s protein source, all natural flavors and pure virgin coconut powder for it’s wonderful benefits.

Gram’s Gourmet Sweet Cinnamon & Butter Crunchies (porkrinds)
By far our most popular product, Gram’s Cinnamon Crunchies are one of the most popular lowcarb snacks in the country, according to numerous retailers and distributors. ZERO carbs with no sugar alcohols, these nasty crunchy bites are full of sweet cinnamon and butter flavor, and are the first nationally distributed sweet porkrind in the world.

Gram’s Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Flavor Crunchies (porkrinds)
Our cheddar porkrinds are extremely popular with people who really need that crunch but don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Similar to other popular cheese snacks but without the carbs, Gram’s Cheddar Crunchies are really making a splash across the country. Both of Gram’s flavored porkrinds will soon be available in 1 oz. bags.

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