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LowCarb Energy associate editor shares her weight loss success to help others

Four years ago, Gypsum, Colorado resident Karen Rysavy started a low-carb diet after her husband announced his intention to start the Atkins diet. Initially concerned about his safety, the research she did ultimately made a believer out of her. One year later, she was down 10 sizes and 65 pounds lighter, and her husband had lost an equal amount. Both made improvements in their health, with Rysavy lowering her blood cholesterol by hundreds of points after just the first two months.

One year after that initial success, however, Rysavy broke her back sledding with their son. Surprisingly, she was able to maintain her full weight loss throughout the long recovery period — and what’s more, she claims it was easy.

“What’s even more shocking than my weight loss success are the improvements in my overall health,” says Rysavy. “Those myths about kidney damage and how all the saturated fat is going to clog my arteries just make me laugh now. Not only have I seen plenty of research to disprove that, I have four years of lab tests that prove unquestionably just how healthy this Way of Life is for me!”

Rysavy is not exaggerating. When she fractured her spine in January 2002, she had x-rays taken that revealed more than a fractured vertebrae — clearly visible to even her untrained, naked eye were several large kidney stones. Too big to have formed in just the two years since she’d started low carbing, she blames years of low fat and yo-yo dieting instead, a theory substantiated by a September 2003 follow-up that showed her to be stone-free a full year after multiple lithotripsy surgeries to remove the old stones. “[The doctor] wants to see me again in another two years before he will declare me ‘cured,’ but I am sure that will happen.”

Rysavy also has lab tests that show a steady improvement in her blood cholesterol over the last four years. “I had tried low-fat diets and even medication designed to lower cholesterol, but my cholesterol and weight only continued to go up,” she says. “Low-carbing is the first and only thing that helped. And in addition to the things I’ve already told you about, there’s the fact that I am never hungry, I really enjoy all my food, I am eating more fruits and vegetables than most people I know who eat a so-called “balanced” diet, and I never have energy slumps. I started exercising just because of how darn good I feel! Before I changed my eating habits, I never had any energy, period. Now I never stop moving — or smiling!”

Rysavy believes in her eating plan so strongly that she self-published not one but two low-carb cookbooks while building a popular and extensive internet site ( She currently publishes a free online monthly newsletter and is a regular contributor to LowCarb Energy magazine. The late Robert Atkins, MD, recognized her in October 2001 by making her a success story on the Atkins Center web site, and later quoted her in his last diet book, Atkins for Life.

“I am making it my mission in life to let people know that low carb does not have to equal high protein, and that I don’t live on red meat and bacon — nor should anyone on a low-carb diet!”

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