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Low carb success story: Cookbook author Nancy Moshier

Nancy Moshier, registered nurse and cookbook author,
has reached the place in the sun
all low-carbers dream of: She’s happy
and healthy — and she’s maintained her
low-carb lifestyle with ease for six years.

Choosing the lifestyle
Her journey began with one step: actively choosing a lifestyle, not a diet.

“I had reached a point in my life where I felt so helpless, hopeless and at my wit’s end,” Moshier says of herself in 1998 when, at 5’4″, she weighed 274 pounds. “Even though I’m a nurse, I could not conquer my weight problem.”

Moshier’s breakthrough came when she read Dr Atkins’ New Diet Revolution. “I was at such a low point in my life, I had nowhere to go but up. So I took control of my health by promising myself to live this way for the rest of my life,” she says. After adopting the low-carb lifestyle, she lost 131 pounds and has maintained her weight at 143 pounds since 2000.

Commitment and education
“The most important thing I did before starting [a low-carb lifestyle] was to educate myself while at the same time making a commitment,” Moshier says. “Please remember one thing — that no matter which low-carb plan you decide to follow, make sure you read the book thoroughly and educate yourself on how that low-carb program works…With that education comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes success!”

For Moshier, commitment means no cheating. “I have never cheated,” she says. “This is part of the commitment I made to myself to live this lifestyle forever. Besides, my husband and I eat incredibly delicious foods, so there is never a reason to cheat.”

Health benefits
“Where should I start?” Moshier says when asked about low-carbing’s other healthful benefits. “I have heard from thousands of fellow low-carbers about their weight loss and improved health. Besides losing weight without feeling deprived, many of us see our cholesterol levels, blood pressures and triglyceride counts lowered…[some find] relief from arthritis and many, relief from fibromyalgia.”

Creative cooking
“I learned early on that variety was going to be the most important ingredient to my success, which is how I became a low-carb cookbook author… . In order for my husband and I to live the low-carb lifestyle, I would need to create lots of variety,” Moshier says. “I believe that boredom is the number one reason why people give up.” Moshier has written two cookbooks chock-full of luscious low-carb recipes: Eat Yourself Thin Like I Did!: Quick and Easy Low Carb Cookbook, (all recipes are 10g carbs or less) and Eat Yourself Thin With Fabulous Desserts (some sweet treats contain just 5g!).

You can succeed!
Moshier’s message is that you, too, can reach your goal and stay there by following her simple success formula: education plus complete commitment.

We may not all have Moshier’s discipline, but it’s a goal to which we can aspire.

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