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Eating before a workout

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Your question:
Should I eat before a workout?

The fitness expert answers:
During the 1994 Lillehammer Games, the US cross-country ski team crashed, while Scandinavian athletes copped four gold medals, two silvers and three bronze.

Their training regimens were comparable, but the teams’ eating habits certainly played a part: Several US competitors consumed diet colas and semi-nutritious treats; the Scandinavians ate oatmeal every morning. When you plan your workout, factor in good carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, not protein, are your main fuel source. They convert quickly to energy and provide needed fiber, vitamins and minerals. This means you need to increase your carbohydrates enough to meet the needs of your workout. You can still remain faithful to a lower-carb diet and achieve good results. Look to the Scandinavian athletes: Start the day with oatmeal, then eat lean meats, steamed veggies with brown rice or sweet potatoes for lunch and dinner; add carbohydrate supplements such as energy bars or whole-grain cereals between meals or during long training sessions.

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