Subway launches two Atkins-Friendly salads

Subway Restaurants, which earlier launched Atkins-Friendly wraps, has now introduced two new Atkins-Friendly salads.

The Atkins-Friendly Classic Club Salad has 14g carbs and 5g fiber, and combines the tastes and textures of a blend of romaine and iceberg lettuce, baby spinach, onions, cucumber slices, green pepper strips, black olive slices, slices of turkey breast, ham, shredded Monterey Cheddar cheese, diced egg, bacon bits and topped with carb-controlled Ranch dressing.

The Atkins-Friendly Grilled Chicken and Baby Spinach Salad has 11g carbs and 5g fiber, and is made with baby spinach, onions, all-white meat chicken breast strips, shredded Monterey cheddar cheese, diced egg, bacon bits and topped with Atkins Sweet as Honey Mustard dressing and garlic flavored almonds. The introduction of the Subway Fresh Salads also marks a continuation of the successful partnership between Subway Restaurants and Atkins Nutritionals Inc. (ANI), which started with the introduction of three Atkins-Friendly Wraps.


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