Thin is in at Papa Murphy’s

Wanting to satisfy its carb-conscious customers, Papa Murphy’s recently added a reduced-carb pizza to its Take ‘N Bake menu.

"" “The Thin Crust deLITE line is our first reduced-carbohydrate and reduced-calorie pizza,” says Robert Elliott, executive vice president of marketing. “Unlike some light pizzas, ours retain all the flavor and freshness of our regular menu items. The customers in our test markets repeatedly told us that the Thin Crust deLITE tastes as good as our award winning original round pizza.” The Thin Crust deLITE contains approximately 13g to 14g of carbohydrates per slice — close to half the carbs in its standard pizza.

For $4.99 to $6.99 per pizza, customers can choose from four varieties: Thin Crust Veggie deLITE; Thin Crust Pepperoni deLITE; Thin Crust Meat deLITE; and Thin Crust Cheese deLITE.


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