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A great-tasting whey to low-carb weight loss

Control carbs! Low sugar! Banish trans fat! With so many taboos in today’s popular diets, finding a tasty and nutritious snack has become next to impossible. That’s why NEXT Proteins, is entering the controlled-carb market with the introduction of SlimWhey — the first whey protein diet bar.

“Even with the low-carb craze spreading across the country, Americans still have a love affair with chocolate,” says David Jenkins, president and CEO of NEXT Proteins. “In fact, last year the average person snacked on more than 10 pounds of the sweet stuff. That’s why we introduced SlimWhey. These delicious and nutritious bars allow people to indulge their chocolate craving without cheating on their low-carb diet.”

In addition to a nutritious profile, SlimWhey offers dieters effective appetite control and faster weight loss in three ways:

  • Packed with high-quality Designer Whey� protein — The snack-size SlimWhey is packed with high-quality whey protein, rich in the essential amino acid leucine, which has been shown in recent research to promote weight loss.
  • Calcium goes beyond the bones — Recent research has shown that dieters who increase their calcium intake by 300mg a day, decrease their bodyweight on average by about 5 pounds vs. dieters who do not. With approximately 250 mg of calcium in each bar, SlimWhey is a delicious way to bone up your calcium for more effect weight loss.
  • Controlled carbs — Each SlimWhey contains only 2g to 3g of net sugar carbs* to help dieters avoid blood sugar spikes and crashes that may contribute to weight gain. (Carmel Peanut bar containts 13g carbs, 1g fiber and 10g sugar alcohols; Peanut Butter bar contains 13g carbs, 0g fiber and 11g sugar alcohols; and Coconut Almond bar contains 13g carbs, 0g fiber and 10g sugar alcohols).

With 9g of protein in each 30g bar, SlimWhey has up to 80 percent more protein per gram than other comparable low-carb bars on the market today, the company reports. The trans fat-free bar is also fortified with calcium and has 100 percent of the daily-recommended value of folic acid. Plus, with a suggested retail price of just 99 cents, the snack-size SlimWhey is approximately 30 percent less expensive than other controlled-carb bars.

SlimWhey is available in three, triple-layer flavors designed for even the most discerning palates. The Caramel Peanut bar is a mouth-watering combination of real peanuts, creamy caramel and protein-packed nougat with rich chocolate flavor. While, the Peanut Butter flavor combines real peanuts and smooth peanut butter in a delicious low-carb bar. For a taste of the tropics, try the Coconut Almond SlimWhey made with toasted coconut and crunchy almonds.

All of NEXT Proteins’ protein bars are powered by Designer Whey — America’s No. 1 selling protein. This specially-engineered whey protein has been proven superior to regular whey in university research. Designer Whey is low in carbs, 98 percent lactose-free and a perfect addition to any active lifestyle. About SlimWhey
The world’s first whey protein diet bar, each 30-gram SlimWhey bar has 9g of protein and less than 3g of net sugar carbs*.

Boasting a healthy nutritional profile, SlimWhey is only 120 calories, trans fat free and an excellent source of calcium and folic acid.

SlimWhey is currently available at Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World and Bally’s Total Fitness stores and will be available in Walgreens, Rite Aid, Trader Joe’s, Kroger and Duane Reade stores by early 2004.

About NEXT Proteins
Since 1991, NEXT Proteins has led the development of the world’s best-selling protein, Designer Whey�, which powers the company’s innovative, great tasting products like Designer Whey Protein� powders and the first protein candy bars — DETOUR�, U-TURN�, ONEWAY� and JOYRIDE�.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: There is currently no Food and Drug Administration mandate for determining how sugar alcohols should be counted. Many experts suggest counting at least half the sugar alcohols as carbohydrates, rather than subtracting them from the total carb count.

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