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Costco Fans Are Totally Split on This Bold New Doritos Flavor

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When we were growing up, there were pretty much just two Doritos flavors available: Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. But these days, Doritos bags come in a rainbow of colors and wide variety of flavors, from Spicy Sweet Chili to several Flamin’ Hot flavors. But there’s a new duo of Doritos flavors that has fans seriously split, and the debate got heated in the Costco subreddit. While the new Tangy Ketchup flavor seems to getting a fair amount of love, the Hot Mustard Doritos seem to have confused some customers, disgusted others, and been a total flavor revelation for still more.

The first thing to note is that Doritos Hot Mustard flavor isn’t spicy, like something with chiles added. Instead, it’s hot in the same vein as horseradish and wasabi, and tastes similar to the hot mustard you might get served with Chinese food. Some customers were taken aback, thinking that they were going to be eating a spicy, mustard-flavored chip, not a hot mustard-flavored chip.

Now, some commenters could barely seem to stomach the mere thought of Hot Mustard Doritos. “I’ve gagged twice already reading the comments. If there’s like a pickle relish Doritos mentioned below, I’m sure I’ll gag three times,” said one. But though some customers thought the Hot Mustard Doritos “taste like paint,” for those who love hot, punchy, nose-clearing mustard flavors, these chips are a big hit.

Courtesy of Doritos.

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“This is the kind I want! The mustard that seems harmless, then suddenly ignites like the surface of the sun, clears your sinus, and disappears entirely,” shared one happy customer. “These are very good, cleared up my stuffy nose too,” said another.

If you’re a hot mustard fan, then you’ll probably want to try these Doritos. Just note that along with the Tangy Ketchup Doritos, Hot Mustard Doritos are a limited time summer offering that will be in stores only through July, so if you’re anxious to get a taste, you’ll want to pick up a bag sooner rather than later.

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