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Nancy Fuller’s Strawberry Jelly Roll Is The Perfect Dessert For Warm Summer Nights

When the summer heat settles in, your favorite rich and chocolatey desserts hit a little too hard. You need something light, airy, and fruity to end your summertime meals on a high note, and Nancy Fuller’s Strawberry Jelly Roll is all of the above. It’s a fluffy, moist cake lined with sweet and tart strawberry jam, rolled up neatly, and topped with fluffy homemade whipped cream.

Have a single slice with a glass of iced tea, and you’re sweet tooth will definitely be satisfied — no breaking a sweat trying to digest it needed.

As is true for baking most cakes, the wet ingredients and dry ingredients are mixed separately before being joined together. But what makes this cake extra light and fluffy is the fact that the egg yolks are separated from the whites. The whites are beaten in a stand mixer until fluffy and then added to the combined wet-and-dry mix.

When folded in gently, the whipped whites give the cake a healthy dose of air on the inside, giving it a cloud-like texture.

The cake is then baked on a sheet pan lined with oiled parchment paper, helping it to stay thin enough to roll up later. When it’s fully baked, the cake is then transferred almost immediately to a tea towel with confectioners sugar sprinkled on top. Then it’s time for the first roll.

“Turn out the cake right on the towel while it’s still warm,” Fuller says in the above video posted to the Food Network Instagram account. “And the reason why you want to roll the cake as soon as possible is so the cake keeps its shape as it’s cooling.”

After the cake cools for 10 minutes while rolled in the tea towel, you then unroll it and finally spread your jelly onto it. Fuller uses strawberry, but you can use whatever jelly, jam, or preserves you like best. Then, roll the cake back up, top it with freshly-made whipped cream, and you’re ready to serve!

Grab the full recipe on the Food Network website and get ready to have a new favorite summer dessert.

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