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This $20 Produce Bag From Amazon Extends the Life of Fruits & Veggies & Saves You Money

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Food waste is a major issue in nearly every household in the US. Between mold, moisture, and sogginess, it seems like produce goes awry in the blink of an eye. But now thanks to this Reusable Produce Bag from Veggie Saver, we have more time than ever before to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. 

With patented technology, this cotton bag is the perfect material to lock in freshness with its breathable woven texture that extends peak crispness. According to Veggie Saver, you can count on two to four weeks of fresh vegetables because of its multi-layer protection that helps moisture absorption. 

Veggie Saver

Veggie Saver

Reusable Produce Bag for Refrigerator Storage $19.99

To top it all off, it is machine-washable, so just pop it in with your regular load. Its durability is meant to last a lifetime before being 100% compostable. 

This five-star reviewer wrote, “I don’t normally write reviews but had to for this product because it has truly changed the way we shop and eat. It’s normal for me or my husband to go to the grocery store every couple of days in order to get fresh vegetables. They go limp so quickly so the more grocery trips, the better dinners we have. *ENTER VEGGIE SAVER* After a girlfriend of mine was raving about this company, I knew I had to try one. They truly keep vegetables fresh for weeks so we’ve switched to doing one big grocery shop on the weekend and storing all of our vegetables in Veggie Savers to use throughout the week. Game changer. Love these bags and have been giving them as gifts to family because they’re that good.”

Veggie Saver

Veggie Saver

Another pleased customer wrote, “I am so pumped on finding the veggie saver! My vegetables are staying SO fresh and it significantly reduced the amount of food I’d have to throw out each week! I’ll definitely be buying more so I can fit a week’s worth of veggies!”

Don’t let your fruits and veggies go to waste when you can now save 20% on Amazon. 

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