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Ree Drummond’s Chicken Bacon Sliders Are the Ultimate Party Finger Food

The next time you’re headed to a backyard BBQ party, roll up to the event carrying a tray of Ree Drummond’s Chicken Bacon Sliders and you will be everyone’s new best friend. Drummond’s husband Ladd — who definitely knows a thing or two about good grilling — loves these sliders so much, she decided to name the recipe after him. So what makes Drummond’s sliders so darn good? Well, pretty much everything she puts into them!

In classic Pioneer Woman fashion, Drummond starts this recipe with a store-bought ingredient: Hawaiian sweet rolls. They’re the perfect size for sliders, and Drummond loves the hint of sweetness they bring to the table. But she makes them even better by drizzling butter overtop, sprinkling them with everything bagel seasoning, and tossing them in the oven to toast up.

To match the sweetness of the rolls while also cutting into the sweet with some savory, Drummond makes a honey mustard marinade for her chicken cutlets. Then, when the chicken is all cooked and the rolls are nicely toasted, it’s time to assemble the perfect tray of sliders.

While the chicken is still hot on the grill, Drummond likes to add her cooked bacon pieces and sharp cheddar cheese slices to make everything nice and hot and melty. She then assembles the sliders with ranch dressing, then some lettuce, then the chicken, bacon, and cheese, and finally the entire thing is topped with a slice of tomato, a small pile of crispy fried onions, and a couple of pickled jalapeño slices.

You can keep everything in place with a toothpick while transporting your goods to the party and then stand back because you’re about to get mobbed by guests wanting to get a taste of these sliders. You can grab the full recipe from Ree Drummond over on the Food Network website.

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