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Costco Is Selling Breakfast Pizza That Shoppers Say Is ‘Surprisingly Good’

Breakfast pizza? You mean, last night’s cold pizza leftovers? I thought that’s what everyone called breakfast pizza, but apparently Costco has something different in mind. They have a delicious option for those who crave something savory in the mornings, and it’s apparently “surprisingly good.”

“🍳 Breakfast Pizza at Costco!!!” Instagram user @costcohotfinds wrote. “I spotted this one in Michigan and popped it in the oven as soon as I got home.” This one earned positive reviews from the Costco fan account. She went on, “The crust was nice and crispy! Savory and delicious for sure!!”

It’s called Heggies Pizza, and it comes in 2-pack boxes for $15.99. “It’s topped with country style sausage, gravy, bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese,” she describes, making my mouth instantly start watering. It’s like a full, home-cooked breakfast platter all arranged on one pizza pie. What’s not to like?

@costcohotfinds pulled it out of Costco’s freezer and took it home, where she baked it in the oven for less than 20 minutes. When it came out, it was glowing like a crunchy, cheesy, spicy breakfast casserole — but in pizza form.

“It was actually really, really good,” she adds.

Commenters agreed. “Sooo good and a delicious savory breakfast! 🤤” one person wrote.

“It’s surprising good! I was super skeptical,” another commented. “Thankfully it comes in a two pack for a second round of breakfast pizza.”

“We just had it this morning. It is good!” another confirmed.

If you are looking for a new morning option that’s part quiche, part pizza, and 100% delicious, Costco’s new breakfast pizza is the way to go. (And if you want to make your own breakfast pizza, check out this awesome TikTok recipe!) Breakfast pizza is the fuel you never knew you needed to start your day right.

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