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The Trader Joe’s Sparkling Wine Under $10 One Sommelier Says Is So Good, ‘It Should Be Illegal’

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Call us old fashioned, but while we love canned hard seltzer, craft beer, and fancy cocktails as much as anyone, when we really want to treat ourselves we always opt for a bottle of bubbly. But not all bubbles are equal, as anyone who’s had a fizzy moscato that tastes more like Sprite can tell you. French Champagne is the fanciest, OG option, but sparkling wine from the Champagne region comes with a hefty price tag that matches its prestige. So what’s a thirsty reveler to do? One TikTok sommelier has the solution, and you can get it right at Trader Joe’s.

Of course, whenever we think about our favorite sparkling wines, there are always a few picks from Trader Joe’s. That’s because their selection of wine is surprisingly affordable, and the quality is often at odds with the price tag — in a good way!

So when Sommelier LuciaLovesWine on TikTok shared this incredible Trader Joe’s find, we were already sold. “This French sparkling wine from Trader Joe’s is so good and affordable, it should be illegal,” she shared in her video. “Less than $10 and tastes like a $60 bottle of Champagne.” The bottle in question? La Burgondie Cremant De Bourgogne Brut Rose, a dry, sparkling rosé wine from Burgundy, France.

Courtesy of For Dummies.

Wine For Dummies $19.39

In the comment section, she elaborated that “this is by far the best $10 bottle of sparkling wine money can buy in the US,” which is a pretty bold recommendation — and now we know exactly what wine we’ll be stocking up on the next time we head to Trader Joe’s. She also said that the wine “has notes of strawberries, brioche, cream, raspberry and lemon.”

Courtesy of Elixir Glassware.

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On Instagram, she explained why it’s such a good deal. “This sparkling wine is called a cremant and it’s made the same way champagne is made, with the same grapes, and it’s made in France. Because it’s not made in Champagne, it’s a 1/4 of the price (well this one is extra affordable because it’s Trader Joe’s).” It’s also an affordable Valentine’s Day wine that still looks totally romantic.

She also answered some questions in the comment section on TikTok for those wondering what makes this bottle so special. She confirmed it’s not sweet, but dry, though it is fruity. She also said that no, it will not give you a headache if you drink it in moderation, because, again, it’s not sweet.

“Ditch the Veuve and try this instead,” she implores, and we’ll be doing just that the next time we head to TJ’s to stock up on “groceries,” aka wine, cheese, and snacks.

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