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Never Burn Your Arms on the Oven Again Thanks to These Tiktok-approved Heat-proof Rack Guards from Amazon

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We’ve all done it — you reach your hands into your oven to pull out a freshly-baked tray of cookies and forego pulling the rack out. Sizzle sizzle, you burn both your wrists on the rack above your cookie tray. Sure, the baking battle scars show your grit in the kitchen, but it’s best to avoid them when possible — that’s why you should install these oven rack guards before your next baking adventure.

The LeeYean Oven Rack Shields are heat-resistant silicone guards that slip over the edge of your oven racks and prevent you from getting burned when pulling things in and out of the oven. They’re a universal length of 14 inches and come in three different colors, including an eye-catching red that makes you very aware of where the rack edges are.

Image: LeeYean

LeeYean Oven Rack Shields $12

These guards went viral on TikTok and people in the comments noted that they’re total life savers. “I need the rack protectors,” one TikTok user commented. “Still dealing with my oven burn.”

Amazon reviewers love them, too. “How many of you bakers out there have baking tattoos? As soon as I found out about these, I bought a set for myself as well as stocking stuffers for my four daughters,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “Easy to install, and I have the added comfort knowing if I happen to touch them I won’t get burned. An added benefit is, they are a reminder, just by being there, to be careful!”

Another added, “Thankfully I’ve never burned myself on a hot oven rack, but since I always want to be prepared in case I did, it was great to have found these oven rack shields. You can cut them to size with scissors and very easily place them on the racks to prevent burns. Funnily enough, just a week after doing so, the back of my hand hit the oven rack when pulling out a large casserole dish and I wasn’t burned at all. The silicone barely even felt warm.”

Prevent burns from happening during baking with these super useful Oven Rack Shields from LeeYean. Your wrists will thank you.

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