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This TikTok-approved Whisk Wiper Makes Sure You Don’t Waste Any of the Good Stuff

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How much time have you wasted trying to get every last drop of cake batter, icing, or pancake mix off of your whisk? You stand there tapping it on your bowl and wiping it with your finger, but it just seems impossible to get the thing completely clean. A clever new invention that is garnering attention on TikTok is about to make that struggle completely disappear.

The Whisk Wiper is a genius little kitchen tool that fits snugly around the wires of your whisk. Simply slide the tool over your whisk and keep it by the handle while you’re whisking. Then, when everything is mixed together, slide the Whisk Wiper down over to the wires to remove every last drop of whatever goodness you’re cooking up.

The Whisk Wiper can also be used as a mini spatula to scrape your mixture from the sides of the bowl without you having to dirty up a separate rubber spatula.

When you pick up the wiper, you also get a stainless steel whisk included in your purchase, and the entire kit-and-kaboodle is marked down to just $15 right now on Amazon.

Whisk Wiper

Image: Whisk Wiper

Whisk Wiper $15

“This really is a great product!” one five-star reviewer wrote. “I can’t believe that no one thought of this sooner. I mean, what a ‘no-brainer.’ I guess the only downside is that you can’t lick the whisk clean … but didn’t your mother warn you about raw eggs anyway?”

They added, “It was very easy to operate the wiper. Pull it up slowly over the whisk and then use the back of a butter knife or rubber spatula to scrape off the excess. The wiper also doubles as a bowl scraper … it is just an all-around great invention and definitely worth the price.”

Another reviewer wrote, “I really like it. It takes a minute to put it on the different whisks, but it is worth it to clean the whisk. Kids aren’t happy the whisks are no longer a treat for them to lick!”

Don’t leave any of the good stuff behind any longer! Pick up the Whisk Wiper while it’s on sale to make your baking that much better.

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