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The Pioneer Woman Just Transformed Your Favorite Cake Into a Cookie & It Might Just Be the Perfect Holiday Treat

Ree Drummond just put everything you love about red velvet cake into a bite-sized cookie that may just become your new favorite for the holiday season. And what makes these cookies extra special is that they’re first coated in powdered sugar before baking, giving them a crinkled, cracked appearance like they’ve just been snowed on.

Drummond’s red velvet cookie recipe starts with the basics: mix your wet ingredients in your stand mixer and dry ingredients in a medium-sized bowl. The wet ingredient mixture does have a few special components, though, that set’s this recipe apart from other chocolate cookies. Drummond adds buttermilk to her wet mixture to ensure these cookies stay nice and moist after they’re baked.

And did you know that red velvet cake is actually just chocolate cake with red food coloring? If you don’t have food coloring, it’s no biggie. Your cookies will just look like regular chocolate cookies (which are still totally tasty).

Drummond also puts white chocolate chunks into her cookie dough, which melt down nicely during baking and up the creaminess of the cookie. Again, you can swap these out for regular chocolate chips or your favorite nuts or omit them altogether.

And Drummond’s recipe makes a whopping 48 cookies, so take that into consideration before you bake. She’s done the hard work for us and made it easy to bake for a crowd!

Great on their own or with a hot cup of cocoa, these red velvet crinkle cookies will definitely become a staple in your home every time the holidays come around.

Get the full recipe from Food Network.

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