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We Highly Recommend Spicing Up Your Morning Coffee With Hot Sauce — Yes, Really

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Okay, okay — hear us out. Hot sauce in coffee is actually a great idea. But not just any old hot sauce. Ujjo is a hot sauce brand that specifically makes hot sauce meant to go in coffees, teas, and cocktails, and once you try it, there’s no way you’re going back to just milk and sugar.

Ujjo’s hot sauce is a precise blend of sweet and “cozy spice” that takes your coffee to the next level. The company’s founder, Lauren, wanted to recreate something akin to her grandmother’s spiced chai but for coffee.

“On one fateful morning in 2020, a friend dared me (Lauren) to throw some hot sauce in my coffee,” Lauren writes on the Ujjo website. “So I did. And it was awful…but it got the gears turning.”

Ujjo now makes two hot sauces for coffee — one for dark roasts and one for light. The Dark Roast Blend took over 70 tries to get right, but it’s finally been perfected. It contains cinnamon, vanilla, and cocoa, and packs a “friendly punch.” This sauce goes great in dark roast coffee, espresso, black tea, dark liquor cocktails, or drizzled onto chocolate ice cream.

Ujjo Dark Roast Blend

Image: Ujjo
Dark Roast Blend $13.50 Buy now Sign Up

Or, for those who like a lighter roast, Ujjo’s Light Roast Blend “brings the heat without being too extra,” the listing states. It gives your coffee a kick without you losing the coffee flavor. And the Light Roast Blend also tastes great in green tea, clear liquor cocktails, and over vanilla ice cream.

Ujjo Light Roast Blend

Image: Ujjo
Light Roast Blend $13.50 Buy now Sign Up

Not sold yet? That’s okay. That’s what the Ujjo Sampler Pack is for. You can test out both the light and dark roast sauces to see if Ujjo is for you.

Ujjo Sampler Pack

Image: Ujjo
Sampler Pack $25 Buy now Sign Up

And if it is, take it everywhere with the Ujjo Traveler Sampler! Hotel coffee has never tasted better.

Ujjo Travel Sampler

Image: Ujjo
Travel Sampler $14 Buy now Sign Up

It may have started as a joke, but coffee hot sauce is now your new favorite thing thanks to Ujjo.

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